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1 2 Full Sovereigns, 1875 Melbourne Mint & 1895 London

Sold for £178
Lot: 1
2 9ct Rose Gold, Graduated Albert Chain With T Bar. Length 16 Inches. Weight 35 Grammes

Sold for £165
Lot: 2
3 9ct Gold Charm Bracelet With Padlock Fastener, Loaded With 12 Charms Comprising Jewellery Casket, Lamp, Saturn, Top Hat And Cane, Radio etc, Total Weight 56 Grammes.

Sold for £275
Lot: 3
4 9ct Gold Brooch, Set With Citrine Oval Stone. 1 x 1 Inches. Weight 8.4 Grammes

Sold for £32
Lot: 4
5 Edwardian 9ct Gold Hinged Bangle. Set With 2 Sapphires And A Diamond, With Rope Twist Decoration. Full Hallmark Birmingham i 1908, Weight 13 Grammes

Sold for £100
Lot: 5
6 Bone Egg Shaped Thimble Holder, Unscrews To Reveal Compartment For Thimble. One Half Decorated In Multi Coloured Beadwork, Length 1 Inches. c1890

Sold for £22
Lot: 6
8 20 Crowns And Medallions, comprising Gibraltar Crown, HMS Victory, Warwick Castle, Blenheim Palace, Jubilee Crown etc

Sold for £28
Lot: 8
9 9 Carat Gold Cricketers Medal. With small 9 carat gold chain. 8.6 grammes in weight.

Sold for £56
Lot: 9
10 Victorian 9 Carat Gold Albert Watch Chain. Which has been made into a double bracelet with a heart shaped gold padlock. 31 grammes in weight.

Sold for £170
Lot: 10
11 3 Indian Enamel Necklaces On White Metal. Brightly Coloured

Sold for £26
Lot: 11
12 22 Carat Gold Wedding Band. 1.7 grammes in weight. Plus a gold coloured locket.

Sold for £28
Lot: 12
13 Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet, With 20+ Charms, Together With A Plated Bosuns Whistle And A 54 Inch Base Metal Chain

Sold for £38
Lot: 13
14 Collection Of Six 22ct Gold Wedding Bands. All With Full Hallmarks, Weight 50.1 Grammes

Sold for £490
Lot: 14
16 9ct Gold Smokey Quartz Pendant and Chain. Total Weight 9.1 Grammes.

Sold for £45
Lot: 16
19 Two 9ct Gold Chains. One Belcher and one Flat Curb. Total Weight 12.1 Grammes.

Sold for £54
Lot: 19
20 18ct Gold Opal And Diamond Ring. 3 Oval Opals Set With 4 Rose Cut Diamond Spacers. Full Hallmark Chester R 1900.

Sold for £150
Lot: 20
21 18 Carat Gold and Platinum 3 Stone Diamond Ring. Plus an 18 carat gold and platinum single stone ring.

Sold for £52
Lot: 21
22 14 Carat Two Tone Gold Bracelet. Weight 43.1 grammes.

Sold for £200
Lot: 22
23 Two Ladies 9 Carat Gold Bracelets. Plus one 9 carat gold eternity ring. Total weight 34.2 grammes.

Sold for £175
Lot: 23
24 Raymond Weil Gold Plated Gentleman's Wrist Watch. With leather strap. Marked "Plaque G10 Swiss"

Sold for £38
Lot: 24
25 9 Carat Gold and Pearl Ring. With matching 9 carat gold pearl bar brooch.

Sold for £20
Lot: 25
28 9ct Gold Circular Pendant, Set With Pearls And Garnets, Together With A Small Star Shaped Pendant Set With A Single Round Amethyst Stone. Total Weight 8.4 Grammes.

Sold for £70
Lot: 28
29 9ct Gold Pendant, Set With Amethyst Stones, And A 22 Inch Gold Chain, Together With A Heart Shaped Garnet Set Brooch With Saftey Chain.

Sold for £135
Lot: 29
32 Three 9ct Gold Lockets And Chains. Together With A Single 15ct Gold Victorian Earring.

Sold for £46
Lot: 32
35 Collection Of Silver Jewellery. Comprising, Rings, Pendants, Chains etc, Weight 150 Grammes

Sold for £30
Lot: 35
36 Silver Charm Bracelet. Loaded with over 30 good old charms. Fully hallmarked. Good quality. Weight approximately 6 ounces.

Sold for £95
Lot: 36
38 2 Silver Bracelets, ID Bracelet And A Flat Curb, Both Set With CZ Stones. Total Weights 120 Grammes

Sold for £20
Lot: 38
40 Shell Cameo, Profile Of A Maiden. Set In A 9ct Gold Mount, With Safety Chain. 1 x 1 Inches.

Sold for £65
Lot: 40
45 Two 18ct Gold, Diamond And Platinum Rings. 3 Stone Diamond Rings Set In Platinum , Full Hallmarks.

Sold for £90
Lot: 45
49 9ct Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring. Diamond Weight .10ct

Sold for £24
Lot: 49
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